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Box Canyon


Experience the majestic wonders Box Canyon has to offer. With a moderate skill level Box Canyon serves as a scenic route bisecting one of Arizona's most illustrious four Wheeling areas connecting to notorious trails such as Wood Pecker Mine, Coke Ovens and Martinez Canyon. Approximately 16.5 in miles Box Canyon makes for a superb off highway drive with loved ones and friends.

Montana Mountain


Explore exhilarating side roads, tranquil camping grounds, challenging hiking trails and scenic views from elevated vantage points. Narrow roads and oncoming traffic deem Montana Mountain as difficult, designed for experienced driver's this traildefines high risk high reward. Thirty-seven miles in total and up to four to five hours in duration Montana Mountain makes for a great New Years Challenge.

Saguaro Lake Coves


Scenic high points along the North Shore of Saguro Lake allow travelers to immerse themselves in mother nature's creation. Hidden treasures lie awaiting to only be accessible by hiking and or boat. For the experienced rider the trails are difficult and two hours in duration.

Sycamore Creek


Sycamore Creek introduces riders to a multitude of enticing trails that are designed specifically for motorized recreation. Luxuriate in a a moderate out and back trail year round. Four hours in duration and 19 miles in length Sycamore Creek makes for a memorable experience.

Mormon Lake, Flagstaff


Mormon Lake in Flagstaff is a lake lodge recreational area. With hours and hours of trails to climb and explore, this scenic location has beauty to offer. Great for the family, Flagstaff is home to some of Arizona's cooler weather. Just travel a short distance and you can continue your adventures with surrounding fun activities. Whether it be horseback riding, backpacking, or simply just taking in the cool beautiful, and crisp air, Mormon Lake in Flagstaff has a circuit of tails and is a must-see!

Superstition Mountain


Cruise through the superstition mountains on your own ATV/UTV for 2-4 hours with amazing views of Arizona's unique terrain and exciting off road driving action.